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Turning 22 PT.3: Back to London

The weekend of my birthday, my mum and I went back to London for the weekend. Thankfully, this weekend would be a lot more tame than the last!

We checked into The Grange St. Pauls. Having stayed here before, we couldn’t wait to come back for a short weekend away. If you ever visit London for the weekend, I’d definitely recommend this place. It’s not too expensive and its in a beautiful location.

The Grange St Pauls is unsurprisingly.. right next to St Pauls Cathedral (amongst plenty of nice restaurants too, if that doesn’t excite you!). It also has a complimentary spa and a rooftop terrace – a really nice touch when you’re in the middle of a busy city.

         image1-2  image3-2

After a day of wandering round all wrapped up, we came back and relaxed before heading out for dinner. As it was a special occasion, we’d made reservations at the Aqua Shard – again, I’d definitely recommend this restaurant for a special occasion, even more so as its situated 300m up in the sky!


The waitress went out of her way to tell us about the different foods and how they were made. Interior wise, the restaurant itself was extremely dark, putting emphasis on breathtaking view of glistening London lights.

To top it off, they even brought out a birthday dessert! If you want to make reservations, take a look here.

All in all, I had a perfect 22nd birthday weekend with my mum who I’ll miss very much!







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