Turning 22 PT.2: Sticks n Sushi

I fell 22 on a Wednesday, meaning no crazy night out due to work the next day (and more importantly, not losing anything again).

Since going to university, I’ve fell in love Sushi. I could honestly eat it all day everyday. This year I was in luck, my favourite Sushi restaurant in London opened a restaurant in Cambridge! Having been earlier in the year, I made birthday plans at Sticks n Sushi right away.


For anyone that loves sushi, Sticks n Sushi is the most perfect place to dine. The ‘Photo Album’ is used as the menu. As they say, ‘Words are good. Pictures are better. 144 visuals await you.’

Obviously.. the 144 visuals create an endless menu! You can either order a set Sushi dish, or pick and choose from lots of small ones. If you’re not on keen on sushi, there’s choice of chicken dishes and salads, perfect for anyone.


If you’re feeling too indecisive, you can also order a set board of different sushi combinations. Despite being the more pricy option, you won’t be let down.. a huge board is brought out with so many things to choose from (think of it as a small sushi buffet!).

Dessert on the other hand, is also incredible. You can either order small pots of sugary goodness, or again, have something of everything. This is priced at £30, giving you a pot of each (15 pots in total).

If you have a special occasion coming up, I’d always recommend this restaurant. Not only is the food incredible, but the whole experience and service is spot on.



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