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Our NYC trips

At the age of 13, my Mum and I took our first of many trips to the big apple.

We both fell in love instantly – I remember standing at the top of our hotel before our flight home and making a wish that one day I’d come back. Little did I know we’d come back the following year, the year after that and countless times after that

New York has this indescribable energy – I always want to be in a place that makes you feel alive and NYC does that. The pace of life is faster than I’ve ever experienced and even walking the streets feels magical.

If you’re ever wondering on where to stay in NYC, here’s a short but sweet round up of the hotels we’ve stayed in:

        1. Lotte New York Palace (formerly known as ‘The Palace’)

Definitely my Mum and I’s favourite – we always seem to go back here! In the heart of New York (just off 5th Ave/Rockefeller Centre), this Villard Mansion has such an enchanted feel to it. It’s one of the most beautiful hotels I’ll probably ever stay in and makes an unforgettable stay (fun fact: always used in Gossip Girl)

     2. The Waldorf Astoria

Staying here at Christmas is quite literally magical. Located on Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, The Waldorf is seen as one of the worlds most iconic hotels due to its history. In 1993, it was deemed as a NYC landmark, being a short walk away from Grand Central Station and The Empire State.

The Waldorf’s exterior and rooms ooze luxury and elegance. As soon as you walk in, you feel like you’ve stepped back in time to New York’s classiest eras. If you want an unforgettable trip, definitely give this place a try.

    3. Hotel Metro

This is probably the cheap and cheerful option of the 4 (but nevertheless lovely!). Hotel Metro is located only 5 mins away from Times Square (& more importantly Victoria’s Secret & Macy’s). It’s a really good price for a lovely stay in a great location.

    4. The Sheraton Hotel – Times Square

As you can imagine, the location of this one is great. As soon as you step outside reception,  you feel the energy coming from Times Square and Broadway (3 min walk away). If you want a modern hotel with easy access to all places in Midtown Manhattan, this is the one.