University life

10 things that happen when you leave University (…that nobody tells you about)

I honestly had the best 3 years at university – ever. It was always going to be sad leaving, but here’s my top 10 things that I’ve recently learnt upon leaving

1) If all your friends continue their studies, it will be 1000x harder – while you’re back at home, you’ll definitely feel like the odd one out

2) While you wake up for work at 7am, they’ll still be partying – again, this makes the whole process 1000x harder! Party animal no more.

3) You spend your life planning weekends to go back – either this or generally planning weekends away to stay with other friends! Anything to try and relive university life

4)…You think you’ll save money, think again – sure I’ve saved a bit, but my hard earnt money usually goes on weekend breaks visiting everyone

5) You quite literally live for the weekends – I miss the days when it was acceptable to go out on the weeknights and have no worries at all (well, our only worry being if we’d make that 2pm lecture)

6) Your eating habits become close to perfect – bingo, living at home is definitely good for your health if anything. No bad foods after nights out/the next day, always good

7) You fill your newfound spare time with random activites – e.g. saying goodbye to the long library hours has allowed me to try new fitness related activities. Instead of just the gym, I’ve taken up Hot Pilates (which is amazing if you ever fancy it). Also, running has become fairly fun (way too much spare time)

8) You start to think really seriously about your future – fresh out of uni brings so many after thoughts I.e wow so many people are settling down and actually have their life mapped out

9) …However, you do realise you’re actually still quite young – so not too much stressing about my previous point

10) Lie ins are a distant memory – even on the weekends, my body now wakes up at 7am. Proactive yes, but I definitely miss the hungover duvet days


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